Welcome toBury Catholic
School & Pre-School

Where Faith & Future Flourish

Welcome toBury Catholic
School & Pre-School

Where Faith & Future Flourish

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Learn Without Limits; All Faiths Welcome

As the acting headteacher, I have great pleasure in welcoming you to Bury Catholic Preparatory School. Our girls and boys learn without limits, have high aspirations and are encouraged to be curious, creative, bold thinkers, to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of making mistakes on the way to success. We are growing great minds and preparing children for a world that requires courage and flexibility. 

The Bury Catholic Prep. ethos and values pervade all that we do and we are dedicated to creating a happy, secure and purposeful environment in which young children can flourish. Academic standards are high, but we believe it is equally important to offer our girls and boys a rich educational experience with inspirational teachers who create a nurturing happy atmosphere for which Bury Catholic Prep. is renowned. We want each one of them to feel personally valued and to think of us as their second home. Sensitivity, mutual respect and kindness are key values throughout the school. 

At our Multi-faith School children spend fulfilling years here, developing a love of learning and close friendships. We will help them to become confident, independent, caring young people. As they move up the school we want to make sure they are thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their education and the top flight schools to which they win places.

It’s wonderful to be the head of such a vibrant, successful and forward-thinking school.

headteacher bcps
Miss H. Farrow
Acting Headteacher

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Autumn Term
Term BeginsMonday 5th September 2022
Half TermSchool Closes - Friday 21st October 2022
School Opens - Monday 7th November 2022
Term endsFriday 16th December 2022 (Midday finish)
65 Pupil Days
Spring Term
Term BeginsTuesday 3rd January 2023
Half TermSchool Closes - Thursday 9th February 2023
School Opens - Monday 20th February 2023
Term endsFriday 31st March 2023 (Midday finish)
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Summer Term
Term BeginsMonday 17th April 2023
Half TermSchool Closes - Friday 26th May 2023
School Opens - Monday 5th June 2023
Term endsThursday 6th July 2023 (Midday finish)
53 Pupil Days
May Bank Holiday
May Bank HolidayMonday 1st May 2023
Rated excellent for both academic achievement and personal development by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), we are a unique, and very special little school, with sky-scraping aspirations for our pupils and an exceptional track record of success.
"I don't have any regrets about choosing to send my child here. The confidence, ability and self-belief in my child is worth every penny!"
"The Exam preparation is robust, thorough and specific for each exam our child took - that’s why she got in everywhere!"
11+ School Leavers
"Pupils have a deep spiritual understanding underpinned by the Schools Catholic foundation.” ISI Nov 2016."
ISI - report 2016
"You realise what a lovely, warm and caring school Bury Catholic Preparatory is when your child moves on to Senior School."
"My boy has grown from strength to strength while overcoming his unique challenges - thank you!"
"My son regularly asks to visit BCPS again despite settling into high school well, as he misses his ‘other family’!"
11+ School Leavers