"This isn’t just a school, it’s a family"


Together, we achieve the extraordinary…

From those first exciting lessons learned in Pre-School to the specialist techniques of Year 6, pupils learn to tackle intellectual challenges with curiosity, intelligence, passion and academic rigor. Here, children find what they love, play to their strengths and achieve truly excellent exam results.

We pride ourselves on our pupils’ highly positive attitudes towards learning. That’s because we’re experts in how to inspire, engage and support them. We know that happiness, resilience and confidence are the cornerstones to academic achievement and it is our commitment to these that makes the BCPS environment so unique.

More than just a school…
Classrooms buzz with the magic of learning, as children and staff alike are wholly engaged, driven and focused on vibrant activities and creative challenges. And there pervades everywhere a huge sense of fun, a real joy of learning! Our strong ethos underpins all our actions, all our plans, ever present and resulting in happy, secure and work spaces, effervescing with enjoyment, alive with learning. Our children are motivated and stimulated as soon as they set foot through the doors!

Learn to love to learn!

Children achieve high standards here at Bury Catholic Preparatory School, but precisely because school is exciting and lively rather than formal or stuffy. Children learn best when they don’t even realise they are learning. Our mission is to spark imaginations and curiosity with inspiring and challenging lessons and experiences, developing a love of learning that can only lead to success, whatever our pupils aspire to.

We want your child to love coming to school and to see education as an adventure – something that is fun, not daunting.

We understand that every child is unique, so we gear everything according to their personal needs. A broad and balanced curriculum offers children opportunities to challenge themselves, develop new skills and talents, and make a valued contribution. Here at BCPS, the school day is structured to provide a mix of academic, physical and creative experiences, with the goal of nurturing every child to fulfil his or her academic potential, encouraging them to be independent in approach and curious about the world around them.