Eleven Plus

Eleven Plus
"A BCPS education is worth every penny!"
11+ School Leaver

Eleven Plus

The Future begins here…

At Bury Catholic Preparatory School, we are proud of our uncompromised commitment to the growth of our children, both in terms of their academic progress and their personal development. From small things, comes greatness, and every one of our pupils leaves our care prepared to shape the future. Our families share our values, our work ethic, and are rightly confident in our capacity for success.
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Achieving Excellence Together
Academically, our track record is simply outstanding. Year by year, as our children grow, they are graced in receiving layer upon layer of exceptional teaching, and consequently, as they travel towards the top of the school, they receive specialist exam preparation, delivered by experts in the field. Pupils are prepared, comprehensively, to sit examinations for all the very top Independent Schools around the North West such as:-

Pupils are also thoroughly prepared for the 11+ examination required for entry into schools such as: -

The beauty of an education at BCPS is the choice, and the variety of opportunities, it affords our families when their sons and daughters reach Year 6. We firmly believe that there is a right place for every child in terms of their secondary school choice, but this is not necessarily the same place. Bespoke teaching results in exceptional preparation for specific schools, the ones which school and families consider are the best fits for each individual pupil. Small class sizes, maintained throughout the school, allow this approach to be overwhelmingly effective.

And our results speak for themselves. 100% of our pupils succeed in gaining entry to their school of choice. Success and nothing less, scholarships and bursaries galore…

We Enter to Learn; We Leave to Serve

Our academic excellence, proud as we are of it, never overshadows our total commitment to the development of the whole person, the nurturing of our children into fine young men and women, who leave us ready to take their places in the world as good people, people who will make a difference! We are unapologetic in weaving the traditions of our beloved school into today’s pupils’ dreams.

Our school was founded by The Daughters of the Cross. The religious sisters may no longer be physically associated with Bury Catholic Preparatory School, but the ethos, the Gospel virtues, the values so deeply embedded by the Order at its very heart, beat on, strong and sure.

The legacy of the Order in terms of our school is unfathomable. And without a shadow of a doubt it extends far beyond the world of academia. Thousands upon thousands of children over many decades, have been graced with the opportunity to learn so many other wonderful attributes from exceptional teachers and role models – integrity, compassion, tolerance, respect, perseverance, patience, empathy, forgiveness…the list goes on and on.

" Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow "

Words of advice and lessons in life, through the teachings of Jesus, have nurtured confident, righteous, responsible young people, equipped to care for each other, and take on the world! Education in its truest sense, the vision of the Sisters who formed and nurtured our school, all those decades ago, has been lovingly provided throughout the prevailing years, and is provided still, as vibrantly as ever, inspiring young hearts and minds, and rooted in faith.

The Daughters of the Cross began serving and educating children in Bury when they came from Liege, Belgium, in 1878. Their educational ideals, BCPS ideals, continue today, as fervently as ever.