Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care
"My son regularly asks to visit BCPS again despite settling into high school well, as he misses his ‘other family’!"
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Pastoral Care

A healthy child is a happy child is a successful child

That’s Why Each And Every Child’s Wellbeing Is So Important To Us.

It is no understatement that your child’s wellbeing matters to us as much as it does to you.

Only if they are happy and confident will they make the most of the doors that are opened for them; successful education starts with a partnership between the school, pupils and parents.

Pastoral Care

Happiness and Success

Pastoral care is one of our particular strengths and we go to great lengths to ensure the fulfilment of all our children. All this is rooted in the Christian ethos, which values each individual and encourages a sense of wonder about life. Welcoming members of all faiths, Bury Catholic Preparatory School is a place where ‘faith and future flourish.’ When pupils leave us to move onto senior schools of their choice, they are confident individuals whose future is based on the firm foundations that we have laid.

We have the best team possible here at BCPS to support and care for our children. Our staff is exceptionally well trained and absolutely dedicated to supporting our children’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

We are passionate in our adherence to our belief that our whole school community exists as a loving and vibrant family. Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Office and Lunchtime Staff alike know each and every child personally, and all of our staff members are trained in matters concerning health, safety and wellbeing. This ensures that all children receive excellent care and our whole school community remains healthy and well looked after.

Effective dialogue between home and school is essential and our open door policy invites parents, children and staff to communicate with each other continually. This is essential in ensuring that the children’s best interests are always put first.

Communication is indeed of paramount importance in ensuring a successful and mutually respectful partnership between you as a parent and us as a school.
Your child’s class or form teacher will know them best, and they will be your first point of contact either in person, by phone or by email. Close relationships in terms of communication are wholeheartedly encouraged.

On arrival to BCPS, your child will be welcomed into a house community to which they will belong until leaving school. All children from Pre-School to Year Six belong to one of our four houses – St. Bernadette, St. George, St. Francis and St. Theresa. Your son or daughter will form strong bonds with fellow housemates through the inter-house competitions, developing team spirit and a sense of belonging in equal measure. House points are awarded for a wide range of activities, both academic and behavioural, such as working hard, showing good manners, showing acts of kindness and effort made in homework. House points are collected and celebrated in our weekly Achievement Assembly.

End of term prizes are given to the house with the most points and a final ‘big count’ is done at the end of the academic year, as a result of which the winning house is presented with the annually awarded trophy and rewarded for all their efforts with an afternoon of entertainment funded by our PTFA.

Assemblies are held regularly throughout each week and are led by a variety of staff including the Head and the Deputy Head teachers.

The highlight of our assembly programme is the weekly Achievement Assembly. ‘Pupils of the Week’ are rewarded with ‘Star’ badges for outstanding academic effort or behaviour, which they wear on their uniforms throughout the following week, and a whole range of Sports Awards, a Kindness Cup, and the ‘Class of the Week’ Cup are also celebrated. Pupils are welcome to bring in medals, certificates and trophies awarded by outside clubs and groups so that we, as a whole school family, can celebrate their success.

Assembly formats vary, but often include a hymn from the Christian tradition followed by a story or presentation, and always take account of, are sensitive to, and celebrate the diverse range of faiths held by our families.

We offer Before and After School Care throughout the school, allowing some pick-up time flexibility for parents. This is presently, but temporarily, curtailed according to necessary Covid 19 restrictions, though we shall, of course, do our very best to support families as far as we are able. Under normal circumstances, breakfast and a light tea are available at either end of the school day and pupils are supervised carefully and guided to participate in a variety of activities, including; puzzles, crafts, sports and quizzes, according to carefully planned sessions.

Pastoral Care

Healthy School

Across BCPS, we are passionate about inspiring our pupils about healthy food from Pre-School through to Year 6. Our staff supervise the children’s lunches, and encourage them to use cutlery correctly and have good table manners.

We take allergies extremely seriously and have clear processes in place to keep children safe.

Extra Support

We adopt a positive behaviour system, “Good to be Green”, where good behaviour is rewarded. Class Teachers establish close bonds with their pupils, quickly recognising a child’s needs both academically and emotionally. Every effort is made to offer a personalised programme, ensuring that each child is equipped with the skills they require to succeed in life.

Teachers take part in termly ‘Pupil Progress Meetings’, designed to ensure the needs of their children are met and support or extension is offered where appropriate. We appreciate that every pupil has a different learning style and pace, and we are entirely committed to helping pupils with a range of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), in order for them to realise their full potential in a safe and loving environment.

Although BCPS is a selective school, we recognise that, on occasions, individual pupils might need learning support in part or all of their school work. As such have a dedicated Learning Support Department which offers support and guidance to pupils throughout their time at the School. We are dedicated to embracing pupils’ differences and harnessing their personal strengths. At BCPS, we travel our pupils’ learning journeys alongside them, supporting them and holding their hands, guiding them as they develop skills to become confident, independent thinkers.

Teachers regularly monitor progress and attainment of all pupils and in cases where children do not make the expected progress, the Learning Support Department works with colleagues to tailor additional support to best meet their needs. BCPS maintains its open-door policy for pupils and parents with any concerns. We also maintain close links with a wide variety of outside specialist practitioners and use their guidance to inform teaching.

We assess pupils’ needs through:

  • Assessment data  
  • Initial screening tests
  • Teacher observations
  • Parental Input
In summary, we ensure that, for each and every one of our children, not only their physical health but also their mental health is a priority. We expect our children to make mistakes, and learning from them is an essential part of their growth.
We are proud of what we achieve together here and would love to show you around. So please contact us to ask any questions or arrange a visit.