" The Exam preparation is robust, thorough and specific for each exam our child took - that’s why she got in everywhere! "
11+ School Leaver


Small class sizes - success, nothing less!

The National Curriculum forms the basis of all programmes of study but this is adapted to extend and meet the needs of the children in our care. Being an independent school, we have the scope to adapt and enhance our curriculum to the interests and enjoyment of our pupils.

We boast small class sizes, which give all our pupils a huge advantage. Each receives enormous attention from our vibrant, exceptionally warm and caring staff, as well as that so valuable of factors – time, so that rates of progress towards reaching and exceeding expectations are sky high!

Core Subjects

Maths, English and science remain central to our pupils’ learning and we have adopted a topic themed approach to foundation subjects. Here, we build in the key skills that our children need, using the most up to date teaching methods to allow our pupils the opportunity to thrive. Mathematics is taught using a mastery approach and embedded throughout our curriculum. English encompasses reading and comprehension, grammar, writing, speaking and listening and drama. Where it is appropriate, our English curriculum is linked to embed key skills within all the subjects across the curriculum.

Foundation Subjects

Our humanities topics incorporate history, geography, design technology and, where applicable, science, engineering and ICT. This enables us to combine skills and extend the learning experience. Pupils also have lessons in Religious Education; physical education and sports; personal, social and health education; French; art and design; music and design and technology.

The Future Begins Here!

ICT is taught as a separate subject but also used in all our teaching. The ICT Suite houses a bank of chrome books and a class set of iPads to enable children to use ICT in all their subjects. There are additional clubs to further extend the teaching of coding and computing, available to even our youngest children, so that they can embrace our technological age and get their little hands on keyboards from the earliest of ages.

Catering for our pupils so that they are ahead of the game is extremely important to us and all our children, from our youngest in Pre-School to our oldest in Year 6, have lots of experience in modern foreign languages. Everybody learns French according to the innovative and highly effective ‘Rosetta Stone’ immersion language learning approach, and all children also have access to learning a second foreign language. The children are also introduced to other languages through various clubs. From Spanish to Greek, from Portuguese to Chinese, the world is, quite literally, their oyster!

All lessons are differentiated and delivered in a manner designed to engage and involve children, to promote a passion for learning.

The Arts

Nothing beats the utter pride a parent feels when watching their child perform. Whether they are reciting a poem, playing an instrument in a school concert or making their stage debut in the nativity play, the delight it brings is lasting.

In the same way, pupils here also experience a huge sense of satisfaction as they explore the arts and experience the joy of self-expression. Whether it’s painting a picture that captures the imagination, singing in the choir or acting in a school production, each child’s artistic talents are uncovered and encouraged. Pupils grow in confidence incredibly quickly here as their skills and talents outside of the classroom are nurtured and celebrated.

Specialist teaching is delivered in Music and Street Dance to all our pupils. The drama and music curricula are enhanced by the additional clubs and performances that there are throughout the school year. As part of their music, also, all the children are invited to perform in choirs and there are various music groups ranging from small ensembles to class instrumental bands. Music is the heartbeat of our school.


We encourage all our children to read throughout their school lives, emphasising its importance from an early age. We often have a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session during our day. We know that children learn best when they engage with a subject deeply, explore a subject thoroughly and understand the relevance of what they’re taught. A highlight of every academic year is our themed Book Week, which offers pupils and staff alike wonderful opportunities to explore and share books…and dress up!

Begin a new chapter with us…

With a specially designed and fabulously stocked library, and weekly and monthly periodicals and magazines delivered, children are always reading. Our library is packed with a growing collection of everybody’s favourite children’s books, and more. Storytelling sessions are a regular feature here at BCPS, and keep the children enthralled and inspired with tales of daring and disaster, of monsters and magic. Children read for pleasure, for study and for deep learning. We love to see this. We know that once a child has a love of reading, they are set for life.