BCPS Newsletter Issue 10 Spring Term

BCPS Newsletter Issue 10 Spring Term
"We remain ‘Together Whilst Apart’! Best wishes! As always"
Miss Farrow
BCPS Newsletter Issue 10 Spring Term

26 March, 2021

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of BCPS,

The excitement in the air is almost palpable as I write this. The children are so very excited about this evening’s ’Grand Virtual Easter Bingo evening! As you can see from the picture above, and thanks to your tremendous generosity, the prizes are amazing!

We look forward to being able to open our doors tomorrow to a totally ‘booked up’ Open Day (and I am so pleased to add that we have a waiting list for viewings, too!). May I please encourage you to continue to spread the word about further events planned for early in the summer term to family and friends. Together, we thrive!

Next week, there are lots of Easter celebrations and competitions planned for the children in school, so we look forward to finishing our term on a real high! Please say a prayer for good weather!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

We remain ‘Together Whilst Apart’! Best wishes! As always, Miss Farrow


Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolWe have been delighted to reintroduce some extra-curricular activities this week. You’ll see from the accompanying photographs that they have been very much enjoyed by all the children who have accessed them! Each class, once again, is being offered an extra-curricular opportunity, and these operate in class bubbles, and are planned and presided over by class teachers. As you will see, there are some changes in the programme, whilst some of our original choices are back, by popular demand. Further changes will follow after Easter. 

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

It is not too late to register your interest, should you wish to take advantage of the clubs.

 Please email your child’s class teacher to ’book in’.

‘Make an Easter Garden‘
Year 1
Quiz Night
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Games Around The World
Year 6
Music-Makers ‘Pitched Percussion’
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
This week’s Star Badges go to:

Pre-School: Victoria, for trying hard to hear initial sounds in words and James, for blending CVC words.

Reception: Jaanvi, for her independent number bonds work.

Year 1: Eva, for using an atlas so fabulously!

Year 2: Isobelle, for being an exemplary pupil in all areas of learning and behaviour.

Year 3: Jessica, for wholeheartedly engaging in all aspects of the curriculum.

Year 4: Jude, for his determined attitude towards improving his writing.

Year 5: Iyanu, for super gymnastics sequences.

Year 6: Saifuddin, for settling straight back down to hard work after his return to school!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Faith Corner

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
(Mark 14:1-15:47)

On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus sent two disciples ahead to the village of Bethphage, about a mile away from the city at the foot of the Mount of Olives. He told them to look for a donkey tied by a house, with its unbroken colt next to it. Jesus instructed the disciples to tell the owners of the animal that “The Lord has need of it.”

The men found the donkey, brought it and its colt to Jesus, and placed their cloaks on the colt. Jesus sat on the young donkey and slowly, humbly, made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In his path, people threw their cloaks on the ground and put palm branches on the road before him. Others waved palm branches in the air.

Large Passover crowds surrounded Jesus, shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” By that time, the commotion was spreading through the entire city. Many of the Galilean disciples had earlier seen Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead. Undoubtedly they were spreading the news of that astonishing miracle.

The people of the city did not fully understand Christ’s mission yet, but their worship honoured God:

Following this glorious time of celebration, Jesus Christ began his final journey to the cross.

Many churches have pictures or sculptures which tell the story of Jesus’ last journey in fourteen stages. These Stations of the Cross have been prayed for hundreds of years. This way of praying began when pilgrims followed the actual path that Jesus took to Calvary. Some modern Stations of the Cross have a fifteenth station for the resurrection.

Dear Jesus, Like St. Peter, I’m not perfect. Help me to be a good friend to you and to the people I know. Amen.

Find out how to make a cross from a palm leaf?

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Kindness Cup

The Kindness Cup this week is awarded to Kindness cup going to all the children who have donated so generously to Francis House Children’s Hospice by buying chocolate chicks.

Building Bonanza!

Pre-School made the most of the rare sunshine earlier this week. They showed fabulous creativity and teamwork using the community blocks to make bridges and a house. This led to lots of conversations and re-enactments of the Three  Billy Goats and the Three Little Pigs.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Dear Parents, Children and Families,

As we wrote last week, members of the School Council have been selling knitted Easter chicks containing crème eggs at break times. We asked everybody to help us to make a difference! We cannot believe how fabulously everybody has responded. We have already sold a staggering 200 chicks…THAT’S ALL OF THEM!!! We have made £200 for Francis House Children’s Hospice!! WOW!! Thank you!

Yours sincerely, Sarah and Tapiwa, on behalf of School Council.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Well done to our top achievers below…

Ask your teacher for more information

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Most Improved Speed
KS1: Eva-J
KS2: Jude
Fastest Rockstar
Imaan 1.02s per question!
Highest Earner
George 168920 coins
TT Star of the Week
Mariam for achieving the biggest increase in coins!


Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolEveryone is ready and raring to go for tonight’s Easter Chocolate Bingo Evening!

Our children survey the winnings!!!

They made double sure they knew what all the prizes looked like in case any of them fell prey to ravenous sweet-toothed staff members at lunchtime!!!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School