BCPS Newsletter Issue 6 Spring Term 2022

BCPS Newsletter Issue 6 Spring Term 2022

11 FEB, 2022

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of BCPS,

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

How on earth have we reached the half term break already? It is often said that the busier you are, the faster time flies… that must be it! We have certainly packed the last six weeks with plenty of action and as you will note from the diary dates, next half term, and the run up to Easter, is no different!

This week saw all the children engaged in fabulous activities to mark ‘Safer Internet Day’ which we celebrated on Wednesday. The day began with a whole school assembly and then each class completed challenges all centred around this year’s theme, ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online.’

So, I wish you all a wonderful week’s holiday from school. May I take this opportunity to thank you all, as ever, for your unerring support of myself and all the staff in school. We continue to chart our course through uncertain waters, but we do so safe in the knowledge that we travel together, in love and understanding. I know that means the world to everybody in our beloved BCPS family!

With all good wishes for the week ahead!

 As always, Miss Farrow

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
This Week’s Star Badges Go To:

Nursery: Hanna, for fantastic writing for ‘Safer Internet Day’ and for SUPER CONFIDENCE!

Reception: Caleb, for being an incredible young man!

Year 1: Ayaan, for being the finest ‘Digiduck’ around!

Year 2: Aaminah, for putting her absolutely best efforts into every aspect of school life. What a fine example of a BCPS superstar!

Year 3: Kaif, for such incredible work ethic; he listens carefully, absorbing all the information before applying it to his work. What a star!

Year 4: George, for his consistent hard work all week.

Year 5: Jide, for being a fabulous role model in all lessons – well-mannered, attentive, helpful and hard-working.

Year 6: Emma, for a phenomenal free-verse poem about the sinking of the Titanic! The poem contained fantastic poetic devices, demonstrating wonderful potential!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Kindness Cup

The Kindness Cup this week is awarded to Jude for the huge effort he has put into making football cards for a great number of children in school, many of whom aren’t even in his class!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Please find below the first of the diary dates for what promises to be an exciting term ahead. The list is by no means exclusive and more dates will be added as the half term progresses. Please keep your eye on the newsletter for any additions.

Of course, you realise that we remain bound to abide by any Government guidelines which may be introduced but fingers crossed, the dates will stand.
We appreciate your understanding should there need to be any changes.

21 Feb
Return to school
w.b. 7 Mar
Book Week
15 March
PTFA Meeting (6pm)
17 March
Non-Uniform Day (please bring an Easter Egg donation for the ‘Easter Egg Bingo’ Event)
25 March
Easter Egg Bingo! (6.00pm)
w.b. 28 Mar
Easter Mass (date and time tbc)
31 Mar
Stations of the Cross (9.00am)
1 Apr
Easter Holiday begins (midday finish)
19 Apr
Return to school—Summer Term begins


This week, the children of Year 3 used the force of magnetic attraction, and a good sturdy bowl, to make their own compass!
They tested out their compass by turning the bowl around slowly and found that the north pole of the magnet always pointed the same way, north, even as the bowl turned!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Luke 6:17, 20-26)



Wherever he went, crowds gathered from far and wide to listen to Jesus. They were often surprised by Jesus’ words. Here. Jesus tells his friends how we can be blessed by God and be truly happy. Real happiness is not what we might expect. Jesus says it is people who are poor, hungry or sad who will be blessed by God. People who are in prison or suffering for their faith will find lasting happiness. Anyone who relies on themselves and ignores God has had their reward. God gives life and real happiness to those who trust in his love.


14 February is the feast day of the brothers, Ss. Cyril and Methodius, who grew up in Thessalonica. Methodius became an important civil official while Cyril (who was originally named Constantine) was a professor. In 860, Cyril and Methodius went as missionaries to what is now known as the Ukraine. They wanted everyone to be able to pray in their own language, and not just in Latin or Greek – something that we can do today.


Dear Jesus, thank you for your gift of happiness. Help me to spread your joy by smiling, laughing and being happy this week. Amen.


Can you bring happiness into the world by looking after someone who is hungry this week?

PTFA MEETING:- 15. MAR (6pm)

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Our next PTFA meeting will take place on 15th March at 6pm. We shall be finalising arrangements for our Easter celebrations and making plans for the rest of the academic year! Please do come and join us—the more the merrier and the greater the input, the more exciting our plans can be. Let’s continue to look ahead with hope in our hearts! For those of you who cannot make the meeting in person but would like to attend, a Zoom link will be sent just before the meeting. Please let the office know, should you require this!


Years 5 and 6 have been exercising their creative skills and writing poetry about the sinking of the Titanic. They rounded off their foray into free verse with an exclusive recital, performing their poems of the ship’s disaster and doom with drama and extreme conviction!


Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolPlease may I remind you that the little red boxes sent home during Mission Together Week need to be returned to school by the end of term, please. Thank you, in advance, for all your help and support in filling these. Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolThe proceeds will all help towards buying a school bus for Moses and his friends at Mua School for the Deaf in Malawi



There really was no choice as to what we should choose as our PTFA Easter celebration. Our ‘Belated Bonfire Bingo’ event back in November was such a tremendous success and so many of our children have been asking for an encore, that the decision to have another exciting evening of bingo was a very easy one! Please join us on Friday 25th March at 6.00 pm for an evening of fun and friendly competition for all the family!

Prizes will be sumptuous baskets of Easter Egg ‘delicious-ness’. Thank you, in advance for your non-uniform day chocolate donations on 17th March!!

Should anyone be able and willing to donate prizes for our GRAND EASTER RAFFLE, to be drawn on the night, we should be most grateful! Please send these into school , if you are able to help!

If your family wish to join in, please email Miss Farrow at year6@burycatholicprepschool.co.uk


Well done to our top achievers below…

Ask your teacher for more information

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Most improved speed
Lower School: Ali
Upper School: Jessica L.
Fastest Rockstar
Imaan 0.56s… INCREDIBLE
Biggest Increase in Coins in the Whole School
Freddie +26,927
TT Star of the Week
Eva – the only child in the school to have played every day for the last 7 days.  Well done Eva – that’s how to make progress!


Reception and Nursery are saying goodbye to their Superheroes topic, now that the half term has come to an end. The children have loved being introduced to lots of different kinds of heroes, not just the ones we see in the movies! They cannot wait to start their new topic when they return from their well-earned rest! What will it be? A little clue for you…our children will have to be as good as gold doubloons or they may be asked to… WALK THE PLANK!
Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolThe children have been busy making Valentine’s Day surprises for their Mums this week in ‘After School Club’. Happy VALENTINE’S Day to everybody for next Monday!


Bury Catholic Preparatory School Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolCalling all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles... in fact… ALL OUR SCHOOL FAMILY!!! Come and join in our ‘Family Friday’ events...you are all so welcome!!

Event (9.00-10.00am)
25 Feb
Book Club
4 Mar
Keep Fit ‘Tone with Christina’
11 Mar
‘Book Week’ Celebration! Details to follow!
18 Mar
Book Club
25 Mar
Easter Extravaganza! Details to follow!


Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Our current ’Book Club’ title is……

Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel
by Ruth Hogan!

‘You sneak around in the shadows pretending to be like everyone else, but like it or not, you never will be. What you have can be a blessing or a curse, but the choice is entirely yours. It is what you make of it. You can spend the rest of your life skulking or you can find your swagger.’

A novel of mothers and daughters, families and secrets and the astonishing power of friendship.

Tilly was a bright, outgoing little girl who liked playing with ghosts and matches. She loved fizzy drinks, swear words, fish fingers and Catholic churches, but most of all she loved living in Brighton in Queenie Malone’s Magnificent Paradise Hotel, with its endearing and loving family of misfits – staff and guests alike.

But Tilly’s childhood was shattered when her mother sent her away from the only home she’d ever loved to boarding school, with little explanation and no warning. Now, Tilda has grown into an independent woman, still damaged by her mother’s unaccountable cruelty. Wary of people, her only friend is her dog, Eli. But when her mother dies, Tilda goes back to Brighton and with the help of her beloved Queenie, sets about unravelling the mystery of her exile from The Paradise Hotel, and discovers that her mother was not the woman she thought she knew at all …

‘Moving; as lovely as a burst of bright bluebells’ (The Observer)


Date to remember… 25th February, 2022 (9.00am)!
Join us for coffee and cake… and some fabulous chat about a gem of a book – a real cracker!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin.


Please find below details of our exciting and extensive extra-curricular programme this term. Lunchtime activities run from 12.25 – 12.55pm each day and sessions after school run from 3.30 – 4.30pm. As you can see from the timetable, there are some smashing opportunities for our children, and huge thanks are due to our wonderful staff for providing and facilitating such a vibrant and varied programme.

Please contact the office to register your child for any of the activities and/ or wraparound care provision.

Please also note that it is essential to register your child for after school clubs, to enable us to satisfactorily staff and resource sessions.

Monday Mindfulness
(KS1/2) Mrs Lester
Lego Mindstorms
(KS1/2) Mr Green
Junior Choir
(Years 1,2)
Miss Farrow
Illustration Club
(KS2) Mr Wallace
Card Games
Mr Ross
Chess Club
(KS2) Mrs Prince
Pompom Craft Club
Miss D-S
(charged at £5 per weekly session)
Senior Choir
(KS2) Miss Farrow (no charge)
(KS2) Mr Ross
Reading Club
(Y4/5/6) Miss Farrow (no charge)
(Open to all) (separate charge)
(Open to all)
Mrs Horford and Mrs Lester
Mr Wallace and Mr Green
Multisports (Hockey/Netball)
Mrs Prince and Miss D-S
Movie Club
(Open to all)