BCPS Newsletter Issue 6 Summer Term 2021

BCPS Newsletter Issue 6 Summer Term 2021
BCPS Newsletter Issue 6 Summer Term 2021

28 May, 2021

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of BCPS,

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

We reach the end of another half term together, and as the BFG might write, what a ‘whizz-bang’ and a ‘whirligig’ of a half term it has been! I quote my friend the Big Friendly Giant, by way of a nod towards our fast approaching ‘Book Week’, easily one of our most anticipated events of the year! The theme of this year’s ‘Book Week’ is ‘The Joy Of Reading’ and we are all very excited about all the wonderful activities which we have planned…our ever-popular dress up day; a delicious literary luncheon day; a competition to create a story in a box; ’Zoom’ storytime sessions… we are going to have the very best time!

Please may I encourage you to get involved with my ’Extreme Reading Challenge’. Where is the most unusual place you could read a book? Please email photographs of your children…or indeed the whole family… reading in the strangest of places to year6@burycatholicprepschool.co.uk by Monday 14th June. Photographs will be shared via a very special video treat which will be prepared for you all as a grand finale to Book Week! The half term break allows the perfect opportunity to snap some sensational scenarios!

May I extend a huge thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart for your donations to Medequip4Kids. Collecting and counting has continued this week and I am so proud to share with you the total of £280 raised! As I wrote last week, I was confident that I could count on you, and that our BCPS community could once again make a difference!

Finally, I can do no better than to wrap up another happy half term with a final word in praise of all our exceptional children. They continue to sparkle, every single beautiful one of them, despite whatever restrictions they continue to have to abide by. They each bring their own joy and an enthusiastic love of life and learning into school every day and I know I speak for all the staff in assuring you that they are a complete and utter pleasure to teach. What a special place BCPS is; we are very lucky, to be sure—staff and children alike!

I wish you a wonderful half term break!

May the sun shine on us all (we can always hope!)

We remain ‘Together Whilst Apart’!

Best wishes! As always, Miss Farrow


Dairy Dates

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Please find below diary dates for what promises to be an exciting term ahead. Of course, you realise that we remain bound by Government guidelines but fingers crossed, the dates will stand. We appreciate your understanding should there need to be any changes.

7 June
Return to School
wb 14 June
Book Week
wb 28 June
Aspirations Week
Sports Day
11 July
First Holy Communion Day
14 July
It’s a Knockout! Whole school team challenge
16 July
Certificate Day
17 July
Leavers’ Speech Day
19 July
School Picnic!
20 July
Summer holiday (Midday finish)
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
This week’s Star Badges go to:

Pre-School: Imaan and Zaviyer, for fantastic ‘family trees’

Reception: The whole class, for their amazing hat creations.

Year 1: Zunaira, for her irrepressible love of learning!

Year 2: Alessandra, for working so hard with a big smile on her face!

Year 3: Khadijah, for her excellent maths work on clocks and time!

Year 4: Saameya, for her thoughtful responses during our PSHE lesson on human rights and freedom.

Year 5: Imaan, for working right at the edge of her learning zone. Always striving for more!

Year 6: Daisy, for her excellent maths. You never gave up, sunshine, and now you are a Roman Numeral expert! You even enjoyed our ancient escapades!

BUSY WEEK IN Pre-School!

This week has been a wonderful week in Pre-School.
We released our Butterflies into Arden Garden, celebrated birthdays, went on a number hunt and had some amazing Show and Tell Family Trees. Huge thanks to all our parents for your help in completing them.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Faith Corner

The Most Holy Trinity
(Matthew 28: 16-20)



Jesus arranges to meet his friends on a mountain. When the disciples see Jesus they fall down before him, overcome with wonder. Some are not quite sure what is going on. Jesus comes over and asks his disciples to do a special job. Jesus asks his friends to spread the message about God’s love and to baptise everyone in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus promises he will be with his friends always, until the end of time.

The Creed is a statement of the things Christians believe about God the Most Holy Trinity. The word ‘creed’ comes from the Latin word ‘credo’ which means ‘I believe’. Perhaps you can look up a creed and find out what Christians believe about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Dear Jesus, your disciples didn’t always know how to react to you. I’m glad that I am not the only one who’s unsure. Help me to listen so that I will grow in understanding, like the disciples. Amen.

Maybe you can go for a walk up a mountain – or even just a hill! or polish your shoes so that they look like new.


Looking ahead, the week beginning 28th June is timetabled as ’Aspirations Week’ for our Year 6 children. Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolDuring the week we welcome visitors from far and wide in the world of work to talk to the children about their jobs in what is, in a sense, a first ‘Careers Week’. In only a couple of years, our oldest children will be thinking about GCSE options and the paths their careers might take. We have already booked police officers, a doctor and a Justice of the Peace to speak to them. If you can help by sparing half an hour during the week to talk to Year 6 about your job, you would be welcomed with open arms.Bury Catholic Preparatory School It is so lovely to be able to rely on our own school community to support our precious children as they prepare to take their next steps towards young adulthood!
Please contact Miss Farrow at:- Year6@burycatholicprepschool.co.uk if you can help.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Kindness Cup

The Kindness Cup this week is awarded to Jaanvi, Maysa, Victoria and Elsie for helping Mrs Lester make a balloon arch for Miss Farrow.


The miracle of nature which our Sacramental Programme group have so patiently waited for has unfolded before their eyes! The children came into school last Monday morning to discover that three ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides. The children delighted to see two more butterflies emerge over the course of the week. The wonderful creatures have been given ‘5-star treatment’ as flowers and fruit and sugar syrup have been lovingly provided. Today we wished them safe flights and released them in the Arden Garden! Bon voyage, beautiful friends!


Well done to our top achievers below…

Ask your teacher for more information

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Most Improved Speed
KS1: Mariam
KS2: Jamie
Fastest Rockstar
Imaan 0.78s! Still getting quicker!
Highest Earner
George 203,121 coins
TT Star of the Week
Jessica – for setting her own target and working extremely hard to reach it!
Class of the Week
Year 2 – for increased effort in all measures from just about everyone!


Extra-curricular activities are in full swing in school. Each class, once again, is being offered an extra-curricular opportunity, and these operate in class bubbles, and are planned and presided over by class teachers. As you will see, there are some changes in the programme, whilst some of our original choices are back, once again, by popular demand. It’s not too late to join in!

Should you wish to take advantage of the clubs, please email your child’s class teacher to ’book in’, to allow them to resource the clubs.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
‘Make a Bug Hotel‘
Year 1
Quiz Night
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6


Bury Catholic Preparatory School

This week the children received a special mission from their friend ‘Fizz’, from ‘Big Write’.
They were challenged to design and make a hat which would be suitable for a farmer to scare away the birds from his field.
The children came up with amazing ideas and designs, which they made come to life. I think you’ll agree, some of the amazing creations are very ‘Philip Treacy-esque’
At our Awards Assembly on Friday, the children modelled their designs and everyone in school voted for their favourite hat.
The winner will be announced after half term ……..
‘e-e-e-e-e-k… so exciting!