BCPS Newsletter Issue 7 Summer Term 2021

BCPS Newsletter Issue 7 Summer Term 2021
BCPS Newsletter Issue 7 Summer Term 2021

11 June, 2021

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of BCPS,

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Here we are at the start of our final half term of this academic year together! It has been quite the rollercoaster of a year for our children to say the very least, and despite the fact that they have ‘ridden the ride’ with consummate ease and made us all so very proud in the process, they deserve a fabulous final few weeks in celebration, and that’s just what we have planned for them!

As I alluded to in my last letter, the first stop in our journey to the end of the year this half term is ‘Book Week’, easily one of our most anticipated events of the year! The theme of this year’s ‘Book Week’ is ‘The Joy Of Reading’ and you’ll find all the details about that on the letter sent home before we broke up at the end of May. We look forward to the arrival of the Travelling Book Fair next Monday, to our delicious literary luncheon on Wednesday; and to our ever-popular Fancy Dress Parade on Thursday. With our competition to create a story in a box and our ’Zoom’ storytime sessions… we are going to have a fairytale of a time!

Please may I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to get involved with my ’Extreme Reading Challenge’ this weekend. Where is the most unusual place you could read a book? Please email photographs of your children…or indeed the whole family… reading in the strangest of places to year6@burycatholicprepschool.co.uk by Monday 14th June. As promised, photographs will be shared via a very special video treat which will be prepared for you all as a grand finale to Book Week

I wish you a wonderful weekend! I have it on good recommendation that we shall be able to bask in continued sunshine! It has been delightful to take advantage of the good weather in school this week, and our Year 6 Eco-Gardening Club members have thoroughly enjoyed tending plants around school. As you can see, our strawberry crop looks extremely healthy! We’re already researching recipes for strawberry jam and Eton Mess!

We remain ‘Together Whilst Apart’!

Best wishes!

As always, Miss Farrow


Dairy Dates

Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Please find below diary dates for what promises to be an exciting term ahead. Of course, you realise that we remain bound by Government guidelines but fingers crossed, the dates will stand. We appreciate your understanding should there need to be any changes.

wb 14 June
Book Week
14 June
Sponsored Spelling Challenge!
21 June
Class Photographs
wb 28 June
Aspirations Week
Sports Day
11 July
First Holy Communion Day
14 July
It’s a Knockout! Whole school team challenge
16 July
Certificate Day
17 July
Leavers’ Speech Day
19 July
School Picnic!
20 July
Summer holiday (Midday finish)
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
This week’s Star Badges go to:

Pre-School: Raees, for great pencil control.

Reception: Saladin, for his growing independence.

Year 1: Sabilla, for her ’Big Write’ work this week! Marvellous!

Year 2: Adam, for coming back to school with a big smile and an even bigger positive attitude to learning!

Year 3: Bella, for her progress in the Weekly Maths Skills Tests! Keep reaching for the stars!

Year 4: Eesa A, for his enthusiasm in class discussions all week.

Year 5: Amy, for showing a huge improvement in Reasoning lessons: methodical, resilient, collaborative and successful!

Year 6: Aadam, for his impeccable behaviour and manners. You are always incredibly respectful and courteous, young man…a perfect role model. That deserves credit and celebration!


Bury Catholic Preparatory School

What a wonderful afternoon Years 5 and 6 spent on Tuesday as they enjoyed extra-curricular activity! Whilst Year 6’s Eco-Gardening Club planted bedding plants and completed more than a spot of weeding and feeding, Year 5’s Rounders Club revelled in a very close and exciting match! The activities may have been at stark contrast to one another, but the sounds of laughter and happy chat rising from each matched perfectly! One thing’s for sure; everyone was ready for a long, cool drink at the end of it all…sportsmen and women and gardeners alike

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Faith Corner

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Mark 4: 26-34)



Jesus told stories, or parables, to help people understand his message. Here he is explaining about the kingdom of God. Jesus tells a story about a growing seed to explain that God is working to bring about the kingdom, even though we may not be aware of it. Then Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed. He explains that the smallest of all seeds grows to become a huge shrub which gives shelter to the birds. God will help the small seed of our faith grow too, if we let him.

We are all responsible for helping the kingdom of God grow. In the Our Father, or Lord’s Prayer, we tell God our king that we want him to rule here on earth just as he does in heaven. When you pray these words, think about how you can do what God wants. How will you make God’s kingdom real today?

Dear Jesus, I want your kingdom to grow. Help me to be good soil. Amen.

What could you do at school and at home to be eco-friendly?


Looking ahead, the week beginning 28th June is timetabled as ’Aspirations Week’ for our Year 6 children. Bury Catholic Preparatory SchoolDuring the week we welcome visitors from far and wide in the world of work to talk to the children about their jobs in what is, in a sense, a first ‘Careers Week’. In only a couple of years, our oldest children will be thinking about GCSE options and the paths their careers might take. We have already booked police officers, a doctor and a Justice of the Peace to speak to them. If you can help by sparing half an hour during the week to talk to Year 6 about your job, you would be welcomed with open arms.Bury Catholic Preparatory School It is so lovely to be able to rely on our own school community to support our precious children as they prepare to take their next steps towards young adulthood!
Please contact Miss Farrow at:- Year6@burycatholicprepschool.co.uk if you can help.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Kindness Cup

The Kindness Cup this week is awarded to Sebastian and Victoria for helping Miss Smith to save a bee!


Bury Catholic Preparatory School

Year 4 have been investigating how different sources of sound vibrate. Here we enjoyed watching rice bouncing off the vibrating surface of a drum. We also used water to demonstrate the tiny, rapid vibrations made by a tuning fork.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Huge congratulations are due to Jessica who has passed her Grade 2 ukulele exam with distinction! Wow!

As well as performing a variety of pieces according to a range of criteria with panache, she scored a perfect 100% for her musicianship! Her examination report states that she played with confidence and conviction!

We are all so proud of you, Jessica!

Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Pre-School have started their new topic for the term – Traditional Tales.

Each week the children will look at a different story, and this week has been all about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The home corner has been turned into the Three Bears’ house and the children have really enjoyed re-enacting the story.

Next week is Book Week for the whole school. Pre-School cannot wait for lots more fun and, of course, the day we are most looking forward to is ‘Dress Up Day’ on Thursday – who will you be?

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Well done to our top achievers below…

Ask your teacher for more information

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Most Improved Speed
KS1: Zunaira
KS2: Jamie
Fastest Rockstar
Imaan 0.76s! Still getting quicker!
Highest Earner
George 204,611 coins
TT Star of the Week
Caitlin – for spending the most minutes per day on average over the last two weeks. Class of the Week
Class of the Week
Year 4 – Top of the tables again, across all measures!


Reception have returned to their classroom after the half term holiday to a magical new realm full of fairy tales.
This term the children will be retelling traditional tales, making their own short  stories and creating some fantastic characters.
This week the children have had so much fun in their very own theatre, retelling stories old and new with added twists and turns. They have also been practising their independent writing in our outdoor classroom ready for the Sponsored Spelling Challenge on Monday.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School
Bury Catholic Preparatory School


Extra-curricular activities are in full swing in school. Each class, once again, is being offered an extra-curricular opportunity, and these operate in class bubbles, and are planned and presided over by class teachers. As you will see, there are some changes in the programme, whilst some of our original choices are back, once again, by popular demand. It’s not too late to join in!

Should you wish to take advantage of the clubs, please email your child’s class teacher to ’book in’, to allow them to resource the clubs.

Bury Catholic Preparatory School
‘Make a Bug Hotel‘
Year 1
Quiz Night
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6


Year 5 relished the joy of reading as they began their exploration of Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdom during their Reading Club.

“Washed up on a desert island, Michael struggled to survive on his own. With no food, no water and only his dog for company, he curled up to die. When he woke, there was a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water. He was not alone…….”

Bury Catholic Preparatory School